FAMAB Adam & Eva Award 2010
07 Mar 2010

FAMAB Adam & Eva Award 2010

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ADAM & EVA Award – The Award for the exhibition and event industry

ADAM is an acronym of “Award for Outstanding Exhibition Presentations”. It is awarded jointly by the forums  FMA and Forum Design and Architecture (FDA). It is given in recognition of exhibition presentations which combine marketing communications, corporate identity and architecture in exemplary fashion. ADAM has been presented every year since 2001.

EVA stands for Event Award. It is presented by the marketing event agencies’ forum. It rewards live communication measures which convey marketing messages in a perfectly direct, emotional and efficient way. EVA was presented for the first time in 1997.

ADAM & EVA Prizes | The APPLES

The Prizes

The awards ADAM and EVA are presented by FAMAB in recognition of effective measures relating to direct communication. They are two long-established benchmark instruments in the German exhibition and event industry.

Also this year you can expect a event which program has many highlights and several news. You should be curious about it!
We looking forward to celebrate together in Mannheim!

Schedule of the evening

  •  17 hr         Accreditation ADAM & EVA presentation of prizes
  • 17.30 hr          Opening of the event
                              Get together with fingerfood by LECA
                              Visit of presentor gallery
  • 18.30 hr           Awarding of ADAM & EVA 2010
                              Moderation: Cristián Gálvez
  •  21 hr           Eat, Meet + Drink by LECA
                              Visit of the specialist trade show

                              Twittering box
                              Twittering box live – around Web 2.0
                              Direct business communication management 2010/2011
                              Sustainability a.m.m.                                                   

                              Party with The News and DJ André

Many Thanks to all! 

It was a successful event with great award recipients and celebrating guests.

List of attendees compendium 2010

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  1. Niko Barbas
  2. Anne Borucki
  3. Svenja Franke
  4. Kai Goretzky
  5. Thomas Helmer
  6. Anja Henkes
  7. Jürgen Hoffmann
  8. Aljoscha Höhn
  9. Kai Janssen
  10. Alina Kaltwasser
  11. Kerstin Kohlschütter
  12. Christoph Küppers
  13. Reinhard Lückmann
  14. Minh Nguyen
  15. Andreas Niemeier
  16. Martin Osbeck
  17. Alexander Osterwald
  18. Birgid Petersen
  19. Thomas Priebe
  20. Sigrid Sarga
  21. Frau Sommer
  22. Anthony de Taranto
  23. Maria Tarallo
  24. Thorsten Wilhelm
  25. Volker Zöller


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